Looking for a place to chant?
This room is where we will meet. The meeting ID number is: 3730148330

The Chant with us group currently NOT IN session.
February 4, 2018 This particular gathering has
been suspended until further notice.

I am now hosting another group on behalf of another crew.
That group is the “Power of Eight (Arizona- MST)”
We meet in my room at 6:00 pm pst on Wednesdays. I hope to see you there!
***This room is where we will meet. The meeting ID number is: 3730148330
(This location is a multi-purpose room.)


Scot Albert Consultant

I am finally getting around to using this room for it's intended purpose.
This will now be my room for chanting. We have the option to meet here to chant.
The purpose of this room is to be a haven for those of us who love to chant.
The chanting sessions will vary in length.
I seek 7 commited souls with whom to work.

You can email me at You can also phone me at (641) 715-3900
Extention: 922489#
Questions? Leave me a voice mail with your name and phone number.

Here are the other services I offer.

I am looking for folks that underwent
similar circumstances to my own.
Do we have this in common?
Please leave a voice mail at (641) 715-3900.
Once connected, please dial 922489# in order
to leave me a voice mail with your name, phone number.
Let's compare notes!

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